38 Fantastic Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair for 2019


Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Long Hair Braids 2019

Long since braids on long hair were considered as one of the most feminine hairstyles. It is impossible to establish exactly when they were weaving for the first time, but it is known that girls and women all over the world used this method to curb insubordinate curls in antiquity. Hairstyle enjoyed success with the ancient Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and was also part of the Slavic culture.

2. Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

3. Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

4. Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

5. Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

6. Weave Braids for Long Hair: the Pros and Cons

Since then, much has changed, but the braids have not lost their popularity and have been adapted to modern realities. Today, with their help, you can create a strict business or gentle romantic image, emphasize the features of appearance and character.

They found their use in the wedding fashion. More and more brides, choosing a hairstyle for a celebration, prefer refined braids in the Roman or French style. And young women of fashion and their mothers appreciate pigtails for their practicality, because a little hairstyle can keep hair in order for so long, despite all the childish pranks.

7. Weave Braids for Long Hair: the Pros and Cons

8. Weave Braids for Long Hair: the Pros and Cons

9. Weave Braids for Long Hair: the Pros and Cons

10. Basic Rules for Weaving Braids

There are several reasons that make braids the perfect hairstyle for owners of long hair. Their first advantage is convenience. Braiding curls in a braid, you do not have to constantly correct and comb them. In addition, this hairstyle does not hurt the hair, in contrast to the irons, curls and curlers. In the spit, the curls are protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which helps preserve their beauty and health.

Another plus is diversity. Braids and hairstyles with them are so many that with their help you will be able to change the images every day and always look original. The next argument in favor of braids is universality. They decorate a woman of any age and look good both at ceremonial events and in everyday life – at work, school, and rest.

Disadvantages of this hairstyle a little. But the complexity of the process and the complexity of creating certain types of weaving sometimes frightens beginners. You also need to remember that too tightly braided braid often becomes the cause of a headache.
The combination of braids and face shape
Since braids primarily attract attention to the face, it is important that their combination with it be harmonious. To understand which hairstyle is more suitable for you, you can read a few recommendations of stylists.

So, according to the form, it is customary to distinguish five main types of face – round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular. Each of them dictates its own rules in choosing a braid hairstyle:

11. Basic Rules for Weaving Braids

12. Basic Rules for Weaving Braids

Chubby girls should start a braid over the crown and braid it for the entire length of hair. This gives the face expressiveness and visually lengthens it. Oval is considered an ideal form. This face is suitable for any braids and types of weaving. If the face is angular, square, then it is advisable to choose a hairstyle in which the braid will frame it. Smooth bends will smooth out sharp contours. Girls with a long rectangular face is better to give preference to lush weaving, which involves all the hair (spikelet, French braid). Also bangs will visually reduce and soften the face.

For a triangular face, hairstyles that create volume in its lower part will be a good solution. It can be various braids in combination with a long bang.

To make the braid neat and keep its shape for a long time, the hair must be properly prepared. Weaving is done only on washed curls, preferably slightly wet (it is easier to work with them). For durability, a special mousse is preliminarily applied to them, and the finished braid is sprayed with varnish.

Weaving a braid does not do without auxiliary means – invisible women, hairpins, hair clips and a set of rubber bands. They are necessary for the separation and fixing of the strands during intermediate works. It is better to take the comb with a sharp handle, it is convenient to add volume to the magnificent braids.

How to make a volumetric braid?

If the hair itself is not too thick, visually add a spit of volume, you can stretch a few strands. But it is important to do this carefully so as not to damage the weaving. It will be easier to keep a tidy look of the braid if you first apply varnish on it.

Pull strands start from the end, gradually moving up. At the same time, the braid is held with one hand, ensuring that the symmetry about the center is maintained. Strongly pull immediately not recommended. It is better to slightly fluff the hair first, and then, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Step by step

The essence of braid weaving consists in dividing the hair into separate neat strands of equal size, which are then crossed together in a certain sequence. Usually they use from three to five strands, although in complex techniques there are more. Consider the step-by-step creation of classic types of braids, which serve as the basis for other hairstyles.

Simple Russian braid

Hair must be carefully combed and divided into three identical parts. Then they are intertwined as follows: the right strand is turned between the left and middle, and the left strand is placed between the middle and right. Alternation is continued until the desired length is reached. Having finished weaving, the end of the braid is tied with a tight elastic band.


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