29 French Braid Ideas for Short Hair That Make You Say “Wow!” in Summer 2019

French Braids for Short Hair

All of them look unusual and romantic, they emphasize the individuality of their economic activities. As a rule, it causes a lot of problems. You can stay without stylish styling. You can use a wide variety of pigtails, even on very short hair.

Short French Braid Hairstyles

The French braid is among the most popular hairstyles in 2019. Run it on short hair is not so difficult.

  1. We begin to weave the usual pigtail,
  2. We interfere in the center of the left part and add to it a thin strand of loose hair,
  3. Do the same with the right strand,
  4. We continue to weave the braid to the end. Tie the tip with a thin elastic band.

Braids for Short Hair

  1. To create these gorgeous french braids, you need a thin comb.
  2. Carefully comb the head with a comb.
  3. Curl them with forceps, thicken or create curls with the help of hair dryers with a round cap (diffuser). On the winding strands of the waterfall looks more impressive.
  4. Separate the thin strand of hair in the temporal part.
    braids for short hair
  5. We start weaving ordinary braids.
    braid for short hair
  6. A few centimeters began to fall water down.
    braid for short hair
  7. We continue to braid hair, releasing one strand and picking up another. If you wish, you can take care of caring for your teeth or a beautiful hairpin. Each other, combining two waterfalls one.
  8. weaving braids for short hair
  9. Weaving braids for short hair has a variety of options. Before you the most combination of two fashion trends at once – beam and braid.
  10. We comb the hair and curl it in curls with a curling or ironing. This will make our weaving texture and lush.
  11. We divide the hair into three equal parts.
  12. From the middle form of the beam
  13. The side strands are woven into two French braids.
  14. We tie the tips of the braids with thin rubber bands and fasten them with a pair of Invisibles.
  15. If you want to make your hair a little careless, release a couple of thin curls from the weaving.

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