27 Short Box Braids for Black Women That Score Maximum Style Point

Short Box Braids for Black Women

Many still believe that African braids can damage your hair or even ruin it. This is explained by the fact that after the braids are unwound, they notice a significant loss of hair. But it is explained very simply.

There are several types of African braids:

Corrugation – unusually twisted, corrugated strand
Pony – twisted strand with loose curl on the tip
Curly – kanekolon, decorated in curl
Zizi – ready pigtail, which is woven into the hair
Curls – wide strands twisted into curls
Sengal braids – twisted strands that can be woven from your own hair

The colors of Kanekolon can be combined, and in the future, when wearing braids, even paint. Through the use of several similar shades. Also very popular hair coloring on the principle of highlighting.

The main misconceptions about the African braids

Any braid-master would recommend not wearing braids for more than 3 months without correction. Thus, after 90 days without breaking holes in the African braids, about 9000 hairs fell out. Master when removing afrokos carefully combing all lost hair. That is why freshly grown for a long time!

All this for three months could not lead to the appearance of hot appliances, as well as permanent hair styling and harmful agents.

What is afropletenie?

Afropletenie is a braid of natural hair with the addition of artificial fibers, which is called Kanekalon. This can lead to the fact that the hair will not be enough to create a crowd of braids. Nevertheless, it is very similar to natural hair, but they easily keep their shape and are comfortable in their work.

How to care for African braids?

Caring for African pigtails does not require any special expenses or troubles – just once a week is enough. Balms and conditioners, just do not dissolve them and do not spoil the hairstyle in this way.

Unpleasant sensations from wearing braids can occur a few days after weaving – irritation and itching appear. This is often due to the fact that some of them were too short, or due to the fact that the masters tighten the strands at the roots. To get rid of the discomfort, you need only a few days to rinse hair in a decoction of chamomile.

Afrokos allow you to emphasize individuality, to stand out from the crowd. I want to believe that you cannot be in awe of the spaceport. Vestments, harmful masks, irons, hair dryers, etc. After braid braiding, hair lasts for several days!

However, I draw your attention that only a master will be able to weave African braids correctly. Please do not engage in amateur activities, because it can greatly harm your hair.

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